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It's simple. Black Atlas Coffee is dedicated to providing the highest quality of artisan coffee that you love, without charging you an arm and a leg.


We source and roast the same raw coffee from the same farms as some of the most prestigious coffee roasters in the world without breaking the bank. 

Just check out the testimonials, then pick up a bag yourself.


My husband informed me yesterday morning that I was about out of coffee! So I ordered three bags of the Brazil ground coffee (such a great flavor) right away in hopes that I get it before I was completely out.
Later that day (yes, the same day) there was a knock at our door and to my great surprise was a delivery guy with my coffee! He said he had other deliveries in the area so he just added my order to it. WOW!
Thank you so much for your great coffee and great service!

Kris Boatwright / Google Reviews

Black Atlas Coffee has Strawberry fields forever! Vibrant and bright, with an irresistible aroma and a plump berry flavor that lingers on your tongue.

This is a sweet and complex, Light roasted Ethiopian coffee... Offering notes of strawberry, cinnamon & chocolate.

The Coffee Detective / Facebook Review

Delicious locally roasted coffee and the owners are professional and great to work with. I got coffee for my sin-in-law who is very particular about his coffee beans. He loved and now sends my daughter to Buffalo Sno in Washington to buy it on a regular basis!

Facebook Review

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